Arid Typos

Tortoise 2

The word “and” is very similar (optically) to the word “arid.” Thus, it is easily miss-read by OCR software.  And more to blame, often overlooked by a draftsman over-relying on copy/paste– and spell check will not flag it. This results in all sorts of “arid typos” in already dry legal documents.  Check out this sampling of scorched legal phrases, listed in order of Google hits.

  • “last will arid testament” (27,500)
  • “landlord arid tenant” (5,940)
  • “arid said property” (3,200)
  • “books arid records” (1,250)
  • “indemnify arid hold harmless” (260)
  • “arid attorneys fees” (170)
  • “cease arid desist” (159)
  • “the receipt arid sufficiency of which” (60)
  • “arid assignees” (43)
  • “open arid notorious” (10)
  • “covenants arid warranties” (5)

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