2015 Annual Tax & Estate Planning Forum

Samuel A. Donaldson

Samuel A. Donaldson, Professor of Law, Georgia State University School of Law, presenting  on estate planning for married couples under current estate tax/gift tax laws.https://www.clenet.com/

Evan Unzelman

Evan Unzelman, President of Sterling Foundation Management, presenting on secondary planning for CRTs.

S. Stacy Eastland

Stacy Eastland, Managing Director of the Investment Management Division at Goldman, Sachs & Co. presenting on sophisticated, large-estate planning techniques.

Jay Adkisson

Jay Adkisson of Riser & Adkisson (and a noted contributor to Forbes) leading a panel discussion on asset protection issues.

Judge Jennifer A. Brown


Judge Jennifer A. Brown handles probate court matters for the 4th District Court in Provo, Utah on August 28, 2015.  The Court is making a renewed effort to inform court-appointed guardians and conservators of their reporting duties, and following up on cases where reports have not been filed.

The formality of judicial oversight can be good, especially in cases of hostility and suspicion.  However, setting up a trust before you ever need a guardian/conservator is a often-preferred alternative.  You can always end up in Court, but a Trust is convenient in that (unlike a guardianship/conservatorship) it does not need the court to get started, handle annual reporting, or shut it down.

William W. Olsen, CPA

William Olsen

William W. Olsen presents on business valuations at the Utah Valley Estate Planning Council on September 3, 2014.  The caption is fictional.  The presentation focused on IRS preferences for the treatment of lack of marketability and lack of control discounts in valuations.  For example, which should be applied first.  These discounts have a crucial bearing on buy-sell agreements, gift tax calculations, and other business transactions.

Brand Barney, CISSP, Security Analyst

Brand Barney

Brand Barney, CISSP, Security Analyst for SecurityMetrics presents on the threat of hackers to the Utah Valley Estate Planning Chapter on October 1, 2014.  Thanks to Brand for presenting and also for providing a few quick tips for this post:
  • Secure your network perimeter and scan it frequently for vulnerabilities
  • Discover and encrypt your sensitive data
  • Choose strong and secure passwords / passphrases
  • Remember not to overlook the simple things…because hackers most certainly won’t.