Arid Typos

Tortoise 2

The word “and” is very similar (optically) to the word “arid.” Thus, it is easily miss-read by OCR software. ¬†And more to blame, often overlooked by a draftsman over-relying on copy/paste– and spell check will not flag it. This results in all sorts of “arid typos” in already dry legal documents. ¬†Check out this sampling of scorched legal phrases, listed in order of Google hits.

  • “last will arid testament” (27,500)
  • “landlord arid tenant” (5,940)
  • “arid said property” (3,200)
  • “books arid records” (1,250)
  • “indemnify arid hold harmless” (260)
  • “arid attorneys fees” (170)
  • “cease arid desist” (159)
  • “the receipt arid sufficiency of which” (60)
  • “arid assignees” (43)
  • “open arid notorious” (10)
  • “covenants arid warranties” (5)